Where to live in Bangkok – The best areas

Where to live in Bangkok, and what type of property is best?

Where to live in Bangkok is a question often asked. Bangkok, a capitol city of one of the most exciting places on earth. With over eight million people living in the city center its a very busy place. Covering an area of around 1,600 square kilometers, it can get congested at times. But the question has to be, where to live in Bangkok with so many options available. Of course, no matter what we say or suggest on the website page, it is down to personal choice. However, this page will help you make that choice, and give you some advice.

Where is the best areas to live in Bangkok?

Bangkok is made up into many different areas. Each area is unique in its existence, and caters for all types of people and budgets. The high end living of areas such as Sathorn, to the busy areas of Khao San Road, Bangkok caters for all.

There are many Bangkok neighbourhoods, but we have selected the ones we know are the most popular parts of Bangkok.


If living in the heart of the city center is for you, then Asoke is the place to be. Connected by both MRT and BTS Skylines, access is very easy. Of course being in the heart of the city it is a very busy area. A lot of expats in Bangkok tend to stay in this area. Condominium developments, located in Sukhumvit Soi 16 and near Soi 23 are the main areas to live in. The benefit of this area is as many expats in Bangkok stay here, most people, including Thai nationals, have a good understanding of English.

Asoke also has an exciting nightlife available to those who wish to party hard. Soi Cowboy is very close and there is always plenty to see and do down that Soi. There are many restaurants in the area that cater for all cuisines. If shopping is your thing, well with Terminal 21 on your doorstep you are never far away from a new shirt or handbag.


If hanging out in a trendy area ticks your box, well Ari has to be considered. Lots of new bars and restaurants have opened recently and there are more opening each week. This area of Bangkok is fast on the up and making a name for itself as a trendy hang out.

Bangkok has a very comprehensive train network, and BTS Ari is in walking distance in the neighbourhood. Ari, due to its trendy reputation, is a thriving community of young Thai professionals. A business community that by all accounts work hard and play hard.

On Nut

This is a much more affordable area than Ari. Lots of condominiums break up the skyline. On Nut is more known for being a Thai area, but with a growing number of expats moving in. For those working in the city center this area is very convenient. only a few stops away on the BTS Train system from Asoke.

Due to it’s popularity as a local community you will find many local shops such as Big C, Tesco Lotus and local markets. This is a more home from home community and not a busy nightlife area.

Living in Bangkok is wonderful, but where do you stay?

Soi 24 Sukhumvit.

If your looking for a more upmarket residence then this area has to be worth considering. Located between Rama 4 Road and Phrom Phong, this area is populated with high end condominiums. Due to the prices of these apartments, it appeals more to Japanese and European residents.

For recreation the nearby Benjasiri Park, is perfect for a brisk morning run or walk. You may instead, wish to soak up the sun and relax with a book.


Another well to do area is Thonglor. More of an upper class residential area that caters for those with deep pockets. Luxury condominiums attract Japanese and wealth expats from around the world.

As with most parts of Bangkok, the BTS network is close by so travelling around the city is quite easy. There are various restaurants located in the area as well as many local supermarkets.

Although the majority of apartments in Thonglor are for the wealthier market sector. There is cheaper accommodation available when you look around.


Head across to the west bank of the Chao Praya river area and you will find Thonburi. This area is more modest in living costs and affordable for most expats in Bangkok as well as Thai locals.

This area is more associated as being a business orientated community, and not so well know with expats in Bangkok. The main entertainment areas of Bangkok are not that close, which does not appeal to most people, especially the expats. Having said that, Thonburi is not too far away from Sathorn and Silom, so all is not lost.

Rama 9

This Bangkok neighbourhood is always recommended when somebody asks where to live in Bangkok. Popular entertainment areas, and a lower cost of living makes Rama 9 a favorite location. Expats in Bangkok stay in this areas more than the rest of Bangkok.

Rama 9 is a mix of business and pleasure. Luxury condominiums interweave with nice restaurants and cafes. there are a large amount of affordable apartments also available in this area.

Music venues are popular here along with shopping malls and department stores. It is very easy to enjoy a quality of life without breaking the bank if this is your chosen destination.


A shopaholics paradise with so many shopping opportunities at hand. The BTS Station Ratchathewi connects to popular areas such as Siam and Phayathai. Because of the fantastic connections available this area is an expats haven. Links to the airport, BTS skytrain all make commuting very easy.

There are many restaurants in this area that offer good quality food at reasonable prices. With the entertainment area of CocoWalk close by, again night times are never boring. And with the BTS close to hand you are only minutes away from of the main entertainment areas.

The cost of apartments here are slightly more expensive to live in. This is due to the location and facilities that surround you. It is more expensive but it is worth it if you can afford to live here.


More known for the train market than for its accommodation. This area is very well connected. You are minutes away from the MRT as well as bus services. Many of the expats and locals use their own transportation, due to the less congested traffic.

This large residential area has so much to offer. If you love keeping fit there are plently of well priced gyms you can join. If you enjoy eating out, Ratchada is rich in culinary cuisines. Boasting a wealth of restaurants that cater for the fussiest of eaters. If you enjoy cooking your own food there are plenty of supermarkets and local food shops available.

Accommodation here is not really aimed at the family market. Many apartments are studios on 1 bedroom apartments. This suits single people more than families. Of course you can find larger apartments for families, it’s just they are harder to find.


Head a little bit out of the city center and you walk into a different world. Bangna is a Bangkok neighbourhood that is much cheaper to live in that its city center counterparts. Having said that, hop on a bus or use the skytrain and you are soon in the think of it.

This low paced lifestyle is as you would expect. Shopping centers cater for your needs, along with a mix of local amenities. There is not this skyline of towering condominiums here. In fact it is very much low level peace and tranquility.

If you have to travel a lot, in particular out of the country, then Bangna is a good choice of location. The Suvarnhabhumi airpot is close by making journeys to and from the airport very easy.


This Bangkok neighbourhood is fast becoming the place to hang out. Bangkok expats as well as middle class Thais. This area has seen an increase in restaurants and cafes. there are even galleries appearing in random locations. Boutiques and specialty stores have arisen, making this area full of intrigue.

There are plenty of houses available to rent in Ekkamai, along with many condos and apartments. Prices are very reasonable and offer a decent value for money return. A large house will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Transport options are plentiful, with the main Eastern Bus terminal, and the BTS station close by.

Living in Bangkok – places to visit:

With so much to see and do in Bangkok it is hard to know where to start. But isn’t that all part of the fun, to explore this magnificent city? For those who are little less adventurous and prefer to know where to go. Here is a quick list of some recommended places that you should find interesting apart from finding out where to live in Bangkok:

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