What do you class as a short drive in Thailand?

Interesting, as many have different opinions what is a short drive?

So, the other day I was in a conversation with someone. We were talking about a 3 hour drive from Korat to Pattaya. This journey is in general, approximately 3 to 4 hours maximum. However, the person I was talking to mocked my opinion that 3 hour was a short journey.
So, if you travel around Thailand by car or motorbike, what in your opinion is a short journey? Having personally driven from Pattaya to Kalasin, an eight to nine hour drive, I call that a long drive. Pattaya to Bangkok is between an hour to two hours, traffic depending. For that journey I class that as just “up the road”.
So what are your thoughts, just how long do you sit behind the wheel of a car before you consider this to be more than a short drive?

Here are a few journeys with anticipated time frames.

Bangkok – Pattaya (1.5 hours)
Pattaya – Korat (3-4 hours)
Khon Kean to Pattaya (6-7 hours)
Bangkok to Udon Thani (7-8 hours)
Pattaya to Phuket (11-12 hours)
Ko Chang to Pattaya (4-5 hours)
One thing is certain, if you use Google to look at the time for the routes, the actual time taken is normally always less. Google anticipates traffic congestion and speed limits etc. Of course a lot depends on how fast you drive and at what time of the day you travel.

Driving at night time maybe considered quieter as not many people use the roads. However, be aware that there are many long haul trucks on the road at this time. Be prepared for unexpected U-Turns, trucks changing lanes without consideration for anyone else on the road and of course the road conditions themselves. It’s fair to say the roads in Thailand are not as well maintained as you would expect in Europe and many other parts of the world!
So, post a reply or leave a comment on what you consider to be a “short” drive here in Thailand.

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