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Differences between Pattaya and Bangkok

Posted by trevor on 8th June 2019
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Differences between Pattaya and Bangkok

Differences between Pattaya and Bangkok
What really are the differences between Pattaya and bangkok? One question that arises often is this, between Pattaya and Bangkok, which one is the more appropriate option? You may be planning a trip there, or you may want to take the big leap and move there. Regardless of your intentions, you should always do proper research before diving headfirst. What are the actual differences there? Which place allows for better public transportation? Which one is cheaper to live in? Also, what are the main tourist attractions in both places? Which one provides you with the most entertainment?

Both cities are as different as they could be, even though both are in Thailand. At the same time, they may be suitable for different groups. For example, while Bangkok may be the perfect holiday spot for you, Pattaya may be more suitable for someone else. It’s the smaller details that matter. And this article will fill you in on those details.

Accommodations in Bangkok vs. Pattaya

Differences between Pattaya and Bangkok - Barracuda Hotel
When it comes to accommodations, both cities are abundant in everything. No matter if you want to book a hotel room or rent a whole apartment, you can say that if you go in either city, you won’t be sleeping under the stars. When it comes to booking, however, you might want to start early in Bangkok. Considering that it is the capital of Thailand, many people want to visit it,especially during the high season, when the weather is all nice and warm. Now, we are not saying that there won’t be any good places left. But there won’t be any left in the
good places. And if you do manage to find a place at the last moment, you can be sure it will be quite expensive.

Pattaya is not as expensive when it comes to booking a place, nor is it so crowded. It’s just as beautiful as Bangkok for some people – some considering even more beautiful, since it is a resort city. However, it’s significantly smaller, so people are not crowding to visit it. For this reason, you may be able to find accommodations in Pattaya even if you aren’t an early bird. If you want to go for the big resorts, you might have to book beforehand. Still, if you want to rent an apartment, for example, using Airbnb, you can find something decent even if you rent it the month before.

Business in Bangkok vs. Pattaya

Now, this depends on the kind of business that you plan on doing. If you are looking for a job, then Bangkok is the place for you to go. Considering that it spreads over 1,568.7 square kilometers and is home to more than 12% of the Thailand population, you can easily find a job there. It’s the capital, so there will never be a shortage of jobs, regardless of your profession. Pattaya, on the other hand, is not a major business city, but more of a beach town where people go in order to relax. Unless you have a big establishment that you plan to turn into a resort, there are not many business opportunities in Pattaya.

Now, we are not saying that it is impossible to find a job there. However, it is much easier to find something in Bangkok – because in Pattaya, you will have to do some digging and wait until a good job pops up. In this case, Bangkok is the great winner. If you want to establish a business in there, you have a bigger range available, and you are not restricted to the tourist domain.

Costs of Living in Pattaya and Bangkok

Pattaya Hotels with beach viewsThe same problem of capital vs. resort area occurs when it comes to living expenses as well. If we’re talking about rent, Bangkok is fairly expensive. Mainly because it is the capital and people are swarming in there to get a job. The more people there are, and the more popular the residential area is, the more expensive the rent will be. The same thing applies to buying a condo or a place to live in. Obviously, Bangkok is more expensive, since it’s the capital, with the highest population. If you want to buy a place closer to the center of a town, it will be more expensive.

While the same thing applies to Pattaya when you try to buy a place in the city center, the prices are lower. An apartment in the center of Pattaya, for instance, will not be as expensive as an apartment in the center of Bangkok. The costs needed for decent living are a lot higher in Bangkok as well, for the same reason. Since the demand is higher on the market, the prices are also significantly higher. With a salary that will just be enough to live an average life in Bangkok, you will be able to be very well-off in Pattaya. This is mainly because Pattaya is not as well-developed as Bangkok. Which is why the prices are generally lower there for pretty much everything.

It’s not as expensive as you imagined!

Surprisingly, though, Bangkok is quite affordable when it comes to tourist areas. As a tourist, you will probably not have to spend much on your stay there. However, if you plan on making a move there, you can expect the fares to go up in the non-tourist areas. The only places where the costs in Bangkok and Pattaya met are the go go bars. Most which you can find in Walking Street. They have relatively the same fares – although Pattaya still has its fair share of bars that are not as expensive. The same thing applies to restaurants and any other

The verdict on the differences between Pattaya and Bankok

So, when it comes to cost of living, Pattaya is the clear winner.

Part Two…….

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