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Are you tired of trying to find your perfect property, searching through out of date websites?

Why not take advantage of our 100% FREE Property Finder Service!

Property Asia prides itself on dealing only with professional Real Estate Agents, Companies and Developers. Usually our Property Finder Service is a perfect way of letting us do all the running around for you to find what you are looking for! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a villa, a condominium, a townhouse or a beachfront house. whatever you are looking for, complete the form below and send it to us. Don’t waste your time trawling through out of date websites. We are sure you have better things to do with your time.

As soon as we receive your Property Finder Service inquiry, we send your requirements to our database of Real Estate Agents, Companies and Developers. They will, in turn, search their databases of properties and will send directly back to you all suitable properties they have that match your requirements.

It is as simple as that!

Subsequently, we have access to thousands of properties across Thailand. Many properties have not even listed yet, they are that new to the market. So instead of getting frustrated and disappointed with out of date websites, or finding a property that is no longer available.

Send your requirements to us using our Property Finder Service. Once you have sent your inquiry, in a very short time, you will start receiving properties that match exactly what you are looking for!

Sending us your information, you do not need to worry, you will not start receiving lots of spam emails and calls. We STRICTLY DO NOT PASS ON YOUR DETAILS other than to our list of professional Agents, Companies and Developers. All our Agents, Companies and Developers understand that they may only contact you with properties that match your requirements. By the way, we actively follow up all inquiries we receive. We make sure no unwanted emails or calls are being made to you. Any Agent, Company or Developer who does send you unsolicited emails or calls is instantly removed from our database.

So, send us your information, tell us what you are looking for. By the time you get back from the beach or having played a round of golf, you should have a list of suitable properties to consider that match your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Property Finder Service

Listed below are common questions we are often asked about this service. If you need any further information that we have not answered, please send an email to

What areas of Thailand can I search with this service?

We cover most of Thailand with the main focus on the more built up areas. However, if you are looking for a more rural area, or in an unusual location, use the service. Agents have a vast network of contacts and can often find the impossible. This is one of the main benefits to using the Property Finder Service, as this takes away the need to spend countless hours looking through websites.

The main areas covered are as follows:

Bangkok, Bangkok City, Bangkok Suburbs.

Pattaya, Naklua, Jomtien, Pratumnak, Rayong

Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai

Phuket, Ko Samui

Nakon Rathchasima, Buriram, Khon Kean, Udon Thani

Generally, these are what we consider to be the main areas of Thailand. These are areas that are higher in population than most other locations around Thailand. If you are looking for a more specific location, we ask the agents in the nearest area to your requested location. So for example. If you live in Pattaya and you need a Pattaya property finder service we can help. By completing the Pattaya property finder form and sending it to us, we get to work on your behalf. Agents then locate any properties that are suitable.

Whilst we are not always 100% successful, we do have a very high percentage of success in finding you properties to look at. A lot depends on how much information you send, as to what options there are available in finding your perfect property. So by using the Pattaya property finder service, or whatever area you are looking for, we can nearly always help you find the perfect match to your requirements.

Some people are exact in what they are looking for, whereas, some are more open to suggestions.

How does the property Finder Service work?

Property Asia provides this service as part of using the website. There is no charge to anyone who uses the service. In brief, this is a simple process that successfully connects buyers to sellers. Once you have completed the online form. We send this to all the agents that are on our system, in the area you have requested. Agents will then take those details and look at what properties they have available. All properties that match the enquiry they send the details back to property Asia.

Property Finder Service Process

  • Complete Online Form
  • Details are then sent to relevant Real Estate Agents
  • Properties matching the requirements are then sent to Property Asia
  • The Properties are then checked and verified
  • Once verified, Properties and contact details are then sent to the enquirer.

How long does it take to get replies?

Once we receive your enquiry we ask the agents to send relevant properties back to us within 48 hours. However, this is not always the case if the requirements are more specific, or in a difficult location. If we are not able to reply within the 48 hours, we send you notification to update on our progress. As soon as any replies reach us, we verify them and send them to you via email.

Why does Property Asia not send the Enquirers contact information directly to the Agent?

There are two reasons that Property Asia acts as an intermediary. The Property Finder Service, designed to help connect buyers and sellers , provides a valuable and time saving service. However it may also be open to abuse.

  1. Property Asia checks properties received from agents, to ensure they match with what the enquirer is looking for. As a result of these checks, this makes sure that there are no spam properties sent, cluttering up your email account with unwanted properties. Furthermore, you are not disturbed by misleading information.
  2. You can be re-assured, Property Asia understands if we were to send your contact details to over 150 agents, you would potentially have unwanted subscriptions to many Newsletter and Update emails that you never asked for.

As a rule, by acting as an intermediary, Property Asia ensures that you only receive relevant properties, and protects you from unwanted emails. Consequently, having received suitable properties, Property Asia connects you directly with the Agent who has the properties.

Next, it is then up to the enquirer if they wish to make contact and pursue the property information.

Above all, Under no circumstances are the enquirers details disclosed to any agent without prior consent.

Is the Property Finder Service a FREE Service, are there any hidden charges?

The Property finder Service is 100% FREE OF CHARGE. Furthermore, there is no hidden charges and no added mark ups. To summarize, this Service is to help connect buyers and sellers, not for Property Asia to make money. Property Asia guarantee that anyone who uses this service of the following:

  • NO Commission payment is payable by either the agent or the buyer.
  • There is NO Admin Fee is payable by either the agent or the buyer.</strong >
  • A Finders Fee is not payable by either the agent or the buyer.
  • NO Mark Up added to any property recommended by any agent.

As a result, having made the connection between buyer and agent, Property Asia in not privileged to any further information between the two parties involved. There is no further involvement and all dealings should be between buyer and agent directly.

Who are the Agents that receive our Enquiry details?

In addition to the property Finder Service, Property Asia promotes a “Buy with Confidence” policy. This means that all agents must have a working environment such as an office, and not work from home. Agents also have to provide Company Registration documentation to prove they are a bona fide company. However, Property Asia cannot be responsible or liable for any business dealings made between the enquirer and the agent. It is the enquirers responsibility to ensue they have appropriate legal support and protection throughout any contract or purchase.

The Property Finder Service is purely a service to connect potential buyers with agents who may have properties that match the enquirers requirements.

What is the main benefit of using this service?

The Property finder Service main benefit is allowing you to dictate the results. Why waste hours searching websites to find the properties you like are either rented out or sold already? Frustration levels are at an all time high having wasted valuable time on fruitless searches. Emailing agents without any reply for days, sometimes weeks, can also be an issue. Using this service takes away these potential problems. Not only that, but it frees up your time to spend on other activities.

Getting results is the prime objective with this service. Specifying your exact requirements gives agents a chance to find your perfect property. This way you know when you receive and email from Property Finder Service, the property or properties will match what you are looking for. All agents understand they are not permitted to send properties that do not match your requirements.

Defining your perfect property – what to consider?
Buying a property is a serious commitment and one you must not make lightly. Be sure to consider everything first, before you jump in with both feet.

Your perfect property must meet your demands. Here is a checklist of property requirements often overlooked.


How close are you to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, places of interest. Yes this all sounds fantastic, especially if they are very close to your new potential home. However, consider, noise levels, disruption and getting to and from your home. Peak hours for schools may cause traffic congestion. Shopping malls often attract heavy traffic levels.

Are you wanting traffic at your doorstep or would it be better to locate yourself a safe distance away?

Public Celebrations and Festivals.

Songkran for example is a Thai National holiday, one that brings roads to a standstill. Pattaya is an exception, celebrating this festival for seven days, unlike everywhere else. You could end up barricaded in your own home for a week every year, or forced to flee the area. Unless of course you enjoy throwing water around for a week solid.

Music Festivals are very popular here in Thailand. Be sure to check out where local music festivals take place. That quiet night sat on the balcony reading a book may not be so idyllic. Especially with loud music filling the air for hours at a time.

City Center life.

Living in the heart of a thriving city is not for everyone. Traffic, pollution, general congestion are all factors that need taking into consideration. Working in a city may be unavoidable, but consider your method of getting to and from work. Sitting in traffic for hours everyday may not be the best way to spend your day.

Meet the neighbours.

Sounds daft, but you should consider who lives next door. Thai people are lovely, but they are not the quietist of people. Loud music is a normal part of everyday life. Early morning or late at night, music is just par for the course.

Animals are worth thinking about. Thai people in general do not allow dogs inside the home. Meaning that at night dogs barking and howling could be an issue. Knocking on your neighbours door to complain about a dog barking just isn’t going to happen.

Sports complexes

Football teams such as Buriram, Samut Prakhan (Pattaya), Chiang Mai, Nakon Ratchasima all have large followings, as do most Thai League One teams. Due to the heat most games are in the evening, again this may cause concern with fans chanting all night. Add to this the traffic congestion as 1000’s of fans descend into the area.

The above are a few things to consider when deciding where you want to live. Maybe none of the above affect you, maybe they do?

I am a Real Estate Agent, how can I join this service?

Property Asia welcomes all Real Estate Agents that can confirm and provide evidence of the following criteria:

  1. The Real Estate Agent has evidence of a bona fide Company Registration Certificate and can provide a copy to Property Asia.
  2. The Real Estate Agent has a legitimate working office and does not work from a home office.

After you have complied with the above two conditions the Real Estate Agent, is to send their information. Email all information to using the heading – Join the Property Finder Service. Lastly, once Property Asia receives your email a representative will make contact directly within 48 hours. Agents activation on to the system is normally within 48 hours. In conclusion, provided all the paperwork is in order, an agent should be active on the system in less than 48 hours.

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