Pet friendly house for rent Pattaya common questions.

pet friendly house for rent Pattaya

Pet friendly house for rent Pattaya, not as uncommon as you may think!

pet friendly house for rent Pattaya
Pet friendly house for rent Pattaya is not a term that jumps out at you as being easily achievable! When you hear the term, pet friendly house Pattaya, for most pet owners it is filled with disappointment. Many properties do not permit animals, especially when you consider the options available around Europe to find a house that accepts animals.
However, it appears that here in Thailand, many homeowners are far more receptive to the idea of permitting tenants with pets. Kids love animals in general, and for many older people, it is also a form of companionship.

Sounds great, right? But hold on!

Before you get too excited, remember that many Condominiums, not just in Pattaya, but across Thailand, do not permit animals. It is almost a mandatory condition that occupants/owners are not allowed to keep dogs or cats in their apartment. Smells and noise instantly spring to mind, when you think about an animal in a condominium. It’s not like a house where you can just let the pet roam around a garden. As well as the fact that most balconies are quite small.
Tropical birds, reptiles and smaller animals may possibly be a better option. Again you would need to check if they can be kept by the condo developer in their Terms and Conditions. Maybe a morning wake up call by a tropical parrot will not amuse your neighbours!
Yes, we all know that security guards and cleaners may turn a blind eye, especially if you have a gift for them occasionally. However, many other residents may not be so welcoming to your dog or cat.

So what is the solution? A Pet friendly house for rent Pattaya.

Condominiums are a hard nut to crack. You may be lucky and find one that works for you. But in general, condos in Pattaya and across Thailand do not permit animals.
But before you give up hope and feel disappointed, there is another option. House owners who are looking to rent their property out are far more receptive to the idea. Most houses have a garden, and most owners will permit you to keep a pet on the property.
Of course, you will need to be aware that if your dog digs up lots of holes in the garden, well you will have to repair all those. Chewing is also a problem if you leave your dog unattended for long periods. Animals will also need shelter if they stay outside. Summer is and can be unbearably hot. Likewise, the rainy season brings torrential downpours, causing flooding. Be confident you have considered this if you have a dog or a cat.
It is sad to write this, but it is a fact. Soi dogs are often very unforgiving if a cat wanders across their path. Often dogs will kill cats in the blink of an eye. Be aware that if your cat does head off to have a look about, there is a strong possibility your cat may end up in a world of problems, possibly worse! You could let your cat stay inside and allowed out at regular intervals, perhaps on a lead, but think about that option first.

But I am bored and want to go out!

pet friendly in Pattaya, Thailand
One of the main aspects of keeping pets, especially dogs and cats, is exercise. Animals require a lot of activity and attention. Walking your dog here in Pattaya is often a dangerous challenge. Soi dogs often roam in packs and a new kid on the block will provoke attention. Be very careful when it comes to attacks. The last thing you or your pet needs it a vicious attack from a pack of Soi dogs. You will definitely require hospital and veterinary treatment if you or your dog suffer a bite from a Soi dog.

Pet friendly house for rent Pattaya – In summary.

Of course, if you look hard enough, you will no doubt find what you are looking for! Condominiums are not the most receptive place to live when it comes to owning dogs and cats. Houses are a far better option, and there are many to choose from suitably priced to fit your budget.
Also think about exercise, where can you take your dog for a walk, where can you cat wander around safely? Lakes and parks, fields etc, are options but be careful of Soi dogs that protect that area. We all know dogs are very dominant over their territory.
One last consideration. If you are here on a long term work contract, or you have decided to set up a new life here in Thailand, consider your options first. Don’t rush out and get a dog or a cat until you are sure you are here to stay. Thailand is a beautiful and wonderful country to live in, but it isn’t for everyone no matter how appealing Thailand appears! Take your time, find your feet and be confident that if you do bring a pet into your life, you can keep it with you forever.

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