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Motorbike Taxis in Thailand – The Safe Way!

Posted by trevor on 4th May 2019
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Motorbike taxis in Thailand are just about everywhere. But what do you need to know before jumping on one?

Getting around Thailand, and in particular, the busy city centers and tourist locations is difficult. You need transportation, and the most common one is a motorbike taxi. Motorbike taxis in Thailand are very common. The taxi men are on every corner of every street in the busy built up areas. Sounds great, right? But there are a few things you need to know first, before jumping on as a passenger.

Here are important guidelines for using motorbike taxis in Thailand.

Rule No 1 – Make certain they know where you want to go!

Yes they are taxi drivers and yes in fairness motorbike taxis in Thailand should know the roads. however, this is not always the way. Taxi drivers may think they know where you want to go, but it is always best to check. Give them landmarks or familiar places to ensure they do know where you want to go. Too often people jump on a motorbike taxi and find they don’t end up where they wanted. This also brings into account Rule Number 2 as then prices become an issue. Thailand is how it is. Do not thing for a second if a taxi driver gets lost that this is his fault. You will be expected to pick up the additional costs as you never confirmed the location first. Hence why we tell you, make certain he knows where he is going before setting off!

Waiting for customers in Thailand

Rule No 2 – Agree the fare before you set off!

Let’s get straight to the point. If you don’t ask then you don’t know. You must ask the fare before you set off. Agree this because if you don’t, when you get to your destination things may go wrong for you! Do not think that you can just give them what you feel is the correct amount, and walk away. This is Thailand and taxi drivers are very well connected. The last thing you need is to get into an argument over money. You will be in hot water if you try to stand your ground and if the police are called it is you in the wrong!

So, avoid this at the outset. Agree the price for the journey before you set off. You may even want to pay the motorbike taxi driver before you get on his bike. Once you have agreed the price then there are no hidden surprises around the corner. If you are a foreigner, be prepared to haggle. Motorbike taxis in Thailand will always add a bit more on than they would for a Thai national. Don’t be offended, it is what is is and as they say, this is Thailand.

Using a morotbike taxi in Thailand be sure to wear a helmet

Rule No 3 – Safety first no matter where you go!

Helmets are one of those items that many people disregard. “it’s OK I am only going around the corner” is always a statement that may cost you serious injury or your life. Thailand is world renown for having many accidents on the roads each year. Unsafe roads, drunk drivers, drivers without licences are all part of everyday life here. You may look stupid with one of those pink helmets on your head. However, that pink helmet may save your life if called upon!

It is a mandatory fine is stopped by the police for not wearing a helmet. If the tax driver does not have a helmet for you, tell him to get one. The taxi driver nine out of ten times will have a spare so make sure you put it on!

Take his number - motorbike taxi in Thailand

Rule No 4 – Take his number!

If you experience a bad journey for whatever reason, do not get into an argument. Take a photo of his bike, and if you can his jacket. The jacket will have his ID Number and in some cases his ID card giving you his name. If he rides off because of an argument, just stay calm and report all the information you have along with photographic evidence to the police. let them take care of thie issue.

Motorbike Taxis in Thailand Summary

The motorbike taxis in Thailand are part of everyday life. They are sometimes essential in navigating your way around Thailand. Especially in busy cities such as Pattaya or Bangkok. Traffic can be very bad at times and a motorbike is a perfect way to get around heavy congestion. Get a taxi drivers mobile number if he is good. Use him all the time and you will build trust and a good relationship. Recommend him to your friends, this will pay dividends later on as he will take good care of you.

Make sure when you use a motorbike taxi in Thailand you stick to the rules. If you don’t you only have yourself to blame! Planning to live in a built up city or a rural area you need to think about transportation. You need to consider how you will get around if you like to go out and have a drink with friends or family. You need to think about getting to work, especially if you live in a city center. Think about your decision about where to live and take into consideration how you will get around. If you are thinking of driving a car and need a Driving Licence then read this first.



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