Koh Samui Airport -A unique airport in Thailand.

Koh Samui Airport is like no other airport in the world

Koh Samui Airport is one of a kind in the world.

Koh Samui airport welcomes thousands of visitors each year

Have you been to Koh Samui airport before? On the small tropical island of Koh Samui off the eastern coast of Thailand there exists what has actually got to be the quaintest little airport on the planet. Why is that? So, for example, every building on the airport complex, has a thatched roof over with palm leaves and not many airports can claim that can they? In the primary public locations the exterior walls have wide-open sides for the sea breeze to waft through. Keeping it at a nice cool temperature level.
The smiling personnel who work there are ever-helpful and courteous and greet every new-comer as though they are a long lost friend. Which to those on this remote island is precisely how it must feel to them. It’s the opposite when you leave since the islanders actually hate to see individuals leave from their island. They figure having invested ALL that cash to arrive, why would anyone wish to leave? And it makes you question who truly is nuts – the smiling islanders or the grinning farang!
When they carefully direct you to Terminal One with pride in their hearts, you truly have to laugh. Due to the fact that of course it’s the only terminal they have! There are no gate numbers to hurry to. As all passengers get here and depart thanks to a clean and contemporary air-conditioned shuttle bus. Which covers the range from the airplane to the primary structure or vice-versa in about 2 minutes flat. There is no luggage carousel except the one going around in your head, maybe you imagined it was there? There are no loudspeakers and no info screens. Just people cheerfully performing their tasks with absolutely no hustle or bustle on their minds. Time has practically stopped still.

A Runway not for the nervous flyer here in Koh Samui Airport

Hold on tight as you approach the airportThere is just one single arrow-straight runway to handle both outgoing and incoming aircrafts. Which amount to no more than about twenty flights each day in between 6.30 am when the airport opens for service at sunrise and when it closes at sundown exactly twelve hours later on.
Playing the ace green card, Bangkok Airways, who developed and own the airport (International Airport Code – USM). They have attempted a truly distinct experiment and one of which they can be happy. The real buildings, which were completed in 1984, are not only pleasing to the eye however work hand-in-glove with the island’s natural surroundings. It is, in itself, an engaging advert for greenness in all its forms. The vast Bangkok Airport (BKK) might be the newest and flashiest airport in the world. But I’ve never ever seen anybody loafing taking hundreds of images of it like they do of Samui Airport. This airport almost appears to be smiling at you, desiring its picture taken.
And for sure no other airport replaces its roof with fresh palm leaves every two or 3 years like they do here. The fact is, once upon a time, little Samui was the world’s largest exporter of coconuts and palm trees. This is one product they still have plenty of. Its what they have used for centuries on the roofing systems of their rental properties and bungalows. Of course you will find the same roof style in the common Salas that are plentiful all over. So, they figure, why stop there, why?

A breathtaking view of the island as you arrive or leave.

Coming in to land at Koh Samui airportAs the plane starts its steady descent technique towards the narrow jutting peninsula on the northeast sector of the island. You will now get a great bird’s eye view of Samui and all the other far-flung islands. And if you look harder still you may even see a pod of dolphins evading and leaping around the fishing craft. Waiting for the friendly anglers to toss them a morsel.
Frankly, the whole experience is just too much for the human soul to consider. You truly can not wait to land to examine that it really wasn’t a figment of your imagination. Perhaps the airport workers are not that wrong. Due to the fact that it definitely seems like you’ve simply come from deep space. As certainly nothing on this planet awaits the visitor more nicely than this tropical hideaway. Located in the pleasant Sea of Siam. Jet lag? Well, you can’t get jet lag in paradise, but I bet you didn’t understand that either did you?
So, there is a possibility you may love this beautiful island so much, you may not want to leave. Therefore, don’t worry, you are not alone. Koh Samui is a very popular destination here in Thailand. Furthermore, why not talk to one of our approved professional Real estate Agents. See if there is a property that suits your requirements and budget?

We have a large selection of properties available here on Koh Samui. Properties are available to rent or to buy and suit most budgets. Contact us to find out more.

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