Jomtien Beach Resort – An improving area of Pattaya.

Jomtien Beach resort sandy beaches in Thailand

Jomtien Beach Resort has experienced a construction boom in the previous several years.

Jomtien Beach resort in PattayaJomtien Beach Resort, a fast developing area of Pattaya.  Scattered with numerous brand-new condos and housing advancements built in the location. You will always find a condo for sale in Jomtien, it is a very popular area in the Eastern seaboard.  Given this situation, Jomtien has ended up being incredibly popular with Bangkok homeowners looking for a second house in Pattaya and surrounding areas. As well as in addition to foreign senior citizens.
Jomtien Beach Resort complex is an important real estate development. Found a block from the beach, and includes a big group of shophouses, dining establishments, bars and shops. A recent pattern has actually been the opening of many upscale restaurants. Especially along Thappraya Road, the main road connecting Pattaya and Jomtien. There is a constant supply of property for sale in Jomtien and you should take your time in deciding which one best suits your needs. Of course nearby there is also a considerable amount of Pattaya property for sale if you can’t find what you are wanting in Jomtien.
In addition, Second Road (running parallel to Beach Road about 400 meters inland), was finished in the last couple of years. This now includes many new advancements. Jomtien Market, situated adjacent to another complex of about 60+ open-air bars, is now another focal point for beach-goers.

So who lives and stays in Jomtien Beach resort.

Jomtien Beach Resort is under constant improvements here in ThailandA large number of Russian and Scandinavian nationals check out or reside in the location. In specific there are 2 big Norwegian nests, called New Nordic and Nordic on the Pratumnak Hill.
Pattaya is served by frequent bus services from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) and the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai). Buses from Pattaya serve close-by provincial towns. There are direct cross country routes which serve many provincial capitals. City and rural services are primarily supplied by blue songthaews. They are offered at the Pattaya Nuea bus terminal to take guests to Jomtien Beach. There is now a regular bus service from the bus depot on Thappraya Road (simply north of Theprasit Rd intersection) to Suvarnabhumi Airport.


There are some metered taxis and air-conditioned vans running for personal hire from some hotel car-parks. Songthaews (aka “bahtbus”) are the most popular mode of public transport. Likewise, they are available from Jomtien Beach to north Pattaya. On the routine path the expense is 10 baht for much shorter ranges and a lot of Pattaya destinations or 20 baht for north Pattaya and beyond. They can be much greater if asked to go to a designated destination. Motorbike taxis typically run in the town and residential areas, and are generally used by locals for short distances.


Jomtien Beach is about 1-1/2 hours, or 120 km by roadway from Suvarnabhumi Airport, the Bangkok international hub. By roadway, it is accessed from Sukhumvit Road and Motorway 7 from Bangkok. There is a new airport bus service terminal located on Thappraya Road. Situated north of the Thepprasit Road intersection. South of Jomtien Beach, the U-Tapao International Airport (UTP) is open to air traffic. It has to do with a short 50 min drive or so by road.

Attractions and things to do in Jomtien Beach Resort

Jomtien’s largest destination is, naturally, it’s incredibly long and dynamic beachfront. Nevertheless, even a number of kilometres of sand and sea does not fit onto our list of the best three attractions in Jomtien Beach. There are simply too lots of better ones! A number of the things to do and see in Jomtien are unique in Thailand. Some can not be discovered anywhere else worldwide. Any one of them makes certain to provide you with some one-in-a-lifetime experiences as well as memories to treasure. There is something for nearly everyone in Jomtien. Fans of culture and history to those who appreciate natural beauty. You can find calmness and reflection simply a short drive from enjoyment and experience. Castles of peace situated near machines of war. All of the destinations are completely safe, though, and most are even family-friendly.

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Pattaya botanical gardensNong Nooch Garden is embedded in a 2.4 perfectly landscaped park and can quickly make an all-day journey. The whole area is more like a theme park. Likewise with daily cultural shows, restaurants and lodging as well as a large area showcasing separately themed gardens. An enjoyable and leisurely walk through the botanical park can quickly compare to taking a journey around the world. Wander through its lots of well-known gardens, whether 17th-century French garden, Stonehenge, or European Renaissance garden. Another outstanding aspect of Nong Nooch is the remarkable species-specific gardens. Such as cactus and succulent plants, orchid nurseries, tropical palm gardens, bonsai and topiary garden.
Due to its huge landscape, it’s unlikely that you will manage all the attractions within Nong Nooch Garden by strolling alone. It’s a good concept to rent a bicycle and check out the garden at a leisurely speed. Don’t miss the orchid nurseries which house more than 670 native types and hybrids all in one place. The largest collection in the country. Showcasing exotic-shaped leaves and blossoms, the cactus and succulent plants garden is both instructional and mind-blowing.
The French garden, with its balanced design and completely manicured shrubs. Designed after the gardens of Versailles, is another huge highlight. An interesting and unusual practice at Nong Nooch is the sky-walk. A shaded, 1.1 km elevated pathway that takes you through the topiary garden, European garden, tropical palm garden, butterfly hill and Stonehenge garden. Apart from the botanical park, Nong Nooch Garden features day-to-day shows at the Thai Cultural Hall. Enjoy the spectacle of sights and sounds in a classical Thai dance, Muay Thai or ancient drum efficiency. Other activities consist of paddle boats and cycling.

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya floating market near Jomtien Beach resortSituated in an area of 100,000 sqm, the Four Regions Floating Market is separated into 4 areas. Each representing and selling items from the four significant parts of Thailand (north, northeast, south and main). Expect to discover lots of restaurants, fruit stalls, memento stores and some art galleries. There is likewise a cultural show every afternoon.
The 350 million baht market has more than 114 stores and water vendors. Each offering genuine Thai food, desserts and specialized from all over the kingdom. For a floating market experience, work with a man-powered boat to navigate and discover the richness of the surrounding Thai architecture and riverside life. Usually, the boat is huge enough for 4 people and can be used for a small fee for around 30 minutes. A walk through the hundreds of wooden homes integrated in the different designs of the four areas is pleasant and enjoyable.

Feeling hungry right now?

Food happens to be the main draw here. There are a lot of authentic Thai dishes and traditional desserts to sample. Emphasizes consist of Noodle soups, Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles), Kanom Jean (rice vermicelli). Different kinds of curries, Ka Nom Krok (Coconut Pancake), Foi Thong (Golden Threads), Thong Yip (Sweet Egg Yolk) and more. Postcards, Thai handicrafts and some ancient toys made from wood or die-cast metal are widely offered within the market, too.
Food stalls and shops, the market likewise includes other instructional and entertaining tourist attractions. The wood-carving museum shows lovely sculpted images. Don’t miss out on the sunflower and agricultural presentation fields if photography is one of your pastimes. There is also a daily free show including 4 cultural performances.
The Four Regions Floating Market Pattaya is a great place to escape the mayhem that is Pattaya. So this is a must-do for those who have yet to visit a Thai drifting market. Most importantly,the market lies on Sukhumvit Road, about 2 kilometres previous Pattaya Underwater World, en route to Sattahip. Not too far away.

Big Buddha Mountain

Big Buddha Mountain near Jomtein beach Resort in Pattaya,, ThailandA detailed image of Buddha, fascinating, magnificently sat cross-legged. Poised with one hand resting on his knee and his other hand on his lap. This captivating and iconic image engraved into the northern face of Khao Chi Chan.
To commemorate, in 1996, His Majesty the King of Thailand’s golden jubilee, the 109-metre-tall and 70-metre-wide image was sculpted into the rock. Marked out in gold on the suggestion of the then Supreme Patriarch. The reason being, it was felt that otherwise it was a waste of a completely great (and especially beautiful) mountain.
Using computer system software to create the image. Accurately drawn onto the side of Khao Chi Chan utilizing a laser. It was completed in the evening so that the light of the laser appeared brightly. During the day, the image would be repaired and adjusted. With the drawing finished, gold was used to fill in the sculpture.
The surrounding area is among particular natural beauty. While Khao Chi Chan is its most popular landmark and destination, other facilities have actually sprung up around it. Taking advantage of the high level of passing trade in the form of Thai and foreign visitors to this impressive place. Consequently the parking lot is often busy with trip coaches. However is also the home of different treat and drink vendors and memento stores.
The premises in front of Buddha Mountain consist of a temple, with saffron-robed monks a common sight. So dress correctly. Clothes that covers shoulders and legs above the knee. Beyond this, there are no fees or constraints on going into the grounds and getting up close to the amazing image.

How close can I get to the mountain?

Naturally as expected, there are restrictions on exactly how close you can get to the mountain. However the possibility of injury from falling stones is a factor that you must be aware off. But the areas where you can and cannot go are plainly marked and should be followed.
Khao Chi Chan, reached by following Sukhumvit Road south from Pattaya. Turning left on Ban Yen Road, which is 500 metres after the turn-off for Wat Yansangwararam. Not far before the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark and Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens. Follow the roadway for six kilometers and you will be not able to miss this memorable destination.
If you’re not employing a vehicle, a taxi, Songtaew (baht bus) consider alternative options. For example, a motorbike taxi will get you there in about 20-30 minutes from the center of Pattaya at an expense of around 500 baht.

Jomtien Beach Resort – to summarise

So the next time you are heading into the Pattaya area. Be sure to head across to the Jomtien Beach Resort and check out what’s going on. This area is fast becoming the “go to” spot. there are considerable plans for further development in place. You will always find a condo for sale in Jomtien. Therefore, not just for property development but also more attractions. Keep checking back and see what’s happening in this lovely part of Chon buri area.
Above all, if you are serious and considering a move to the area be sure to check out a reputable Real Estate agent. Firstly, they will know the area well and also know what plans may or may not affect you. Who knows, maybe you will be living on the beach in the near future in your dream home.

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