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East Pattaya Thailand, could you live there?

Posted by trevor on 2nd May 2019
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What is it like living in East Pattaya or more commonly know “The Darkside”.

Pattaya is divided up into five main areas. Pattaya City center, East Pattaya, Nakluea, Prantumnak and Jomtien, each with it’s own niche identity. Travel across Sukhumvit Road and across the train track and you enter into East Pattaya, in other words, “The Darkside”.

However, even though East Pattaya is a far cry from the flashing lights and loud music you will find in the city center, it does have many other attractions. Not everyone wishes to live in the fast lane, in fact, many prefer to be far enough away, but close enough when needed. Pattaya is a city center and always busy, however, the Darkside is a more rural area with a huge lake. This is a close call to normal home life and is a very popular area to live in.

Below we detail what you can expect if you are looking at living in the Darkside.

Finding property to rent or to buy in East Pattaya.

East Pattatya has a fantastic area called Mabprachan Lake to explore as discussed by Property AsiaThe first main difference you will notice is the cost of property. Soi Khao noi, Soi Khao Talo, Nurn Plubwan and Siam Country all have lots of properties to choose from.

You can rent a property from as little as 8,000B a per month. This is a small sized property, 1 or 2 beds and tucked away in one of the small community villages. However, there are also a considerable amount of much larger properties available to suit larger budgets. Look around and you can find a beautiful stunning house or pool villa for a reasonable 30-50,000B per month.

Condos are not as prevalent in East Pattaya. Mainly due to lack of land restrictions, there is far more space to build a house or villa that a condo block. Having said that you can still find a few condominium developments such as the Infiniti Project, if this is what you are looking for?

Mabprachan Lake is stunning and a very popular feature over on the Darkside. There are many properties that are very close to the lake, however, these come at a premium price. It si like any popular location, the demand dictates the price. Having said that, you can get a nice 3 – 4 Bed house near the lake for around 40-70,000B per month.

There is lots of property for sale and if you look hard enough or use the property Asia Property Finder Service, you can find your perfect dream home and it won’t break the bank.

What shopping is available in East Pattaya?

East Pattaya Fresh food outlet available for expat foodsIn addition to your normal markets and small convenience stores, shopping is limited. There are at present no large shopping Malls for you to wander around. The closest shopping mall in the Darkside is Tops Market. mainly a food store with a large DIY store located on the first floor. There are a couple of tiny clothes booths but that is it, you are not going to pick up any designer gear for sure.

Food shopping is slightly different. Two large food superstores offer considerable European food options, and plenty of variety. If you are looking for those home products you miss, then either Tops or FreshFood Supermarket on Siam Country Club will suffice. There are also a couple of dedicated Expat food shops that also stock a wide range of products.

If you are able to eat a wide and varied range of food then you are always close to a market. Inside these markets you can find lots of fruit and vegetables, meats and seafood, as well as cooked foods. There is plenty available but be prepared, these markets are not the the highest hygienic standards perhaps you are accustomed too.

What Restaurants and Bars are available in East Pattaya?

Mookata in East PattayaThere are probably as many bars and restaurants as there are normal shops located in the Darkside. European restaurants are dotted all over the area and easily available The main reason being due to the amount of expats who live in the area. With plenty of Thai restaurants located all over the area as well, this means you can keep all family members happy. A few popular restaurants that keep busy are Retox Outback, The Lake Resort and Fishermans Cafe. These restaurants are always busy and have good reputations. There are many more restaurants that could be listed, but these three are quite big in size and cater for both Thai and European food.

Thai BBQ (Mookata). This is a great night out, fun for everyone. The BBQ is very popular and great value for money. Meats and Seafood are available as well as many vegetables and side dishes. If you have not tried a Thai BBQ, be sure to try one soon. Take the wife or Girlfriend and they love to do all the cooking! This style is more like a family get together, it really is very popular.

A few restrictions to consider when living on the Darkside.

Getting around East Pattaya is not as easy as the city center. Taxi are available, but in the smaller, more populated bar areas. A good tip is when you find a decent taxi man, get his number. Siam Country, Soi Khao Noi, Soi Khao Tao and Soi Nurnplubwan are reasonable for finding taxis. However, around the Mabprachan lake area is a different matter. In conclusion, collect taxi numbers, they will come in handy when you need them.

Jaybees bar is one of many expat bars in the area of east PattayaBar closing times are different in East Pattaya. Unlike the main tourist areas that open until 4-5am, here bars generally close at midnight. This may not be a problem for most. But if you like a Saturday night blow out, expect to be home in bed by midnight. There is the odd exception to the rule. Some bars may oblige you behind closed doors. But in general the rule of thumb is midnight.

Things to do are not as prevalent as they are elsewhere. There are no pool halls, no cinema, no bowling lanes and less options available to entertain yourself. This means that if you want to do something with the kids and family, you are going to have to go into the City center. There are a few massage shops dotted around the area if you are looking for a relaxing foot massage. There are also a few salons available to keep the wife or girlfriend happy.

Getting home from Pattaya, Nakluea or Jomtien has its problems. Yes there are hundreds of taxis available to get you home. But many taxi drivers are very uncertain about this area. You will probably have to direct them, and the cost is often higher than normal. Maybe they work out the understanding if you live out in East Pattaya you must be doing OK.

In Summary…

So, if you are considering setting up home here in East Pattaya, be prerpared for a different kind of lifestyle. Be sure to talk to expat who live here already. Spend time over on the Darkside and look around, especially the Mabprachan Lake area. Talk to local Real Estate companies who have knowledge of the area, and can advise you regarding where to set up home. East Pattaya is a great location for those who want a quiet lifestyle, with the hustle and bustle of city life a few minutes away.








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