Best Hotel Deals in Pattaya – Where and How

finding the best hotel deals in Pattaya

Best Hotel Deals in Pattaya – Where and How?

We all want to get the best hotel deals in Pattaya or wherever we may be travelling to. It goes without saying that we do not want to pay over the odds for our accommodation. But how do you get the best hotel deals in Pattaya? What are the secrets to how to make sure you don’t spend more than you need to? Take a look at some of the tips we show you here and see if any of these pointers help save you some money.

Scheduling direct with hotel vs reservation agent (Agoda etc) vs walk-in offer.

check out agoda to find the best hotel deals in Pattaya, ThailandYou have to compare rates. We’ve compared costs on Agoda vs scheduling direct with the hotel. At that time Agoda beat the hotel’s direct rate in many cases. However the only thing that shows is, you MIGHT get the best rates through reserving sites like Agoda. Or you might get the very best rate by booking direct.
Rewards and commitment discounts. Some hotels provide loyalty discount rates and benefits, as do booking websites. If you’re a regular visitor to Pattaya, you might certainly benefit from choosing a hotel or agent which uses rewards.
Things to keep an eye out for. Check the cancellation policy, specifically if your travel strategies are likely to alter. If you’re visiting Pattaya throughout the festive season, inspect the hotel site for mandatory gala suppers or functions. The information may not be displayed on 3rd party reserving websites. Which means you may be asked to pay the necessary charge when you check-in.

Where to start to get the best hotel deals in Pattaya?

Nova Platinum Hotel in PattayaSome essential things you require to find, and select the ideal hotel. Comprehensive option, great deals of real user reviews, and search filters to assist limit your search. Agoda has all of them, begin your search for hotels in Pattaya on Agoda.
Make a short-list of your favored hotels, inspect the rates on the hotel website. If their is one, look for offers on They compare costs of all the major reservation sites to discover the least expensive offered rates. Frequently including the rates direct with the hotel.

Walk-in Deals

First off, if you plan on simply loading your bag, leaping on a bus, and finding a space when you show up in Pattaya, you’re at a big downside. You don’t understand the rates, you never read any evaluations. You’re basically simply roaming from one hotel to the next, looking for a hotel within your budget.
And, when you stroll to the front-desk and ask the rate. They inform you the rate, they don’t have ‘unique’ discounts for walk-in consumers. Otherwise everybody would walk-in for the discounted rates.
There’s truly no reason to not schedule online. Unless you are trying to find fundamental and inexpensive ‘backpacker’ type accommodation. Which has no online presence or online reservation facility. Or possibly you don’t have a charge card, however even then, you can schedule hotels in Pattaya without a charge card on Agoda.

Secret Pattaya Hotel Deals

On Agoda, you can pick to reserve a secret hotel, which is allegedly heavily discounted. It’s only when you have actually made the reservation that the name of the hotel will be revealed.
With a little sleuthing, and maybe in some cases a little bit of luck, you can reveal the identity of the mystery hotel. The mystery hotel is a 5 star hotel in North Pattaya. Review ranking of Fantastic 8+, based on 4130+ reviews. Take down those information, and look for 5 stars, North Pattaya, 8+ rating. Then, search for hotels with a comparable review count. Finally, you need to be able match it by a special space name or type.
In fact, we did manage to discover the secret hotel quite easily. Only to find room rates were extremely similar anyhow, so possibly a bit of a trick, but provide it a try, and see what you discover.

Airbnb’s in Pattaya

have you used AirBnB for finding the best hotel deals in PattayaIf you’re considering staying at Airbnb (short-term holiday rental) in Pattaya. You need to understand that according to the Thailand Hotel Act, renting-out particular types of privately owned lodging in Thailand. Mainly condominiums and apartment or condos, for a duration of less than 30 days is prohibited.
The reality is, the Airbnb market is growing in Pattaya, and you can lease an Airbnb for brief stays, less than 30 days. Far as the law is concerned, according to this post on c the home owners risk being fined.
There’s been no reports of occupants of Airbnb’s in Pattaya having any difficulties reserving, or remaining at Airbnb’s. Yet for the benefit of home owners and tenants alike, in the majority of condominium buildings, notices specifying “brief term rentals are not permitted” are plainly shown throughout the building.
That details is not intended to put you off the idea of Airbnb’s, it’s simply for your advantage. If you’re seriously thinking about an Airbnb in Pattaya, use this Airbnb recommendation link and get up to 1,100 baht off your first booking.

Get the Room You Booked, the Room You Want

Think of, after all the time you invested finding your ideal room. Perhaps a space at a hotel on Pattaya Beach Road, on a high floor. A room with a veranda and a remarkable view over Pattaya Bay and the ocean. You arrive at the hotel, and they tell you “sorry sir, that space is taken”.
There’s no guarantee you can prevent it from happening. But calling, or preferably sending out an e-mail to confirm your reservation, and that you have actually been designated the room on a high flooring with terrace and sea view. This will considerably lessen the possibilities of it happening. And if you use email, you have the verification as evidence.
There may be times you require more details about a room. Like is there a walk-in shower, blackout curtains, is the room-safe big enough for a laptop. In case you do need to know the finer details, and you have a long shortlist of hotels, you might discover the message service on Agoda very convenient.

When to Stay to get the best hotel deals in Pattaya

choose carefully the best time to visit PattayaIt comes down to good weather condition and high season rates vs cheapest hotel rates, and possibility of bad weather. So, to help you choose, learn more about low and high seasons in PattayaBest weather is the cool duration from November to the end of February. March and April stay dry, however hot. However, May might see the arrival of the rainy season. June to the end of October will most certainly be rainy season, with September and October being the wettest months.
So, the most affordable time to check out Pattaya is throughout the low (rainy season) from May 1st to November 1st, when most hotels are providing decreased low season rates. The dates which hotels decide to charge low season rates DOES differ from one hotel to the next. So expect to see high season rates for a minority of hotels beginning October 1st and continuing to May 31st.

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