Best Book For Real Estate Agents in Thailand

Best book for Real estate agents in Thailand and across the world.

Wow, we were asked the other day, what is the best book for real estate agents in Thailand. This was from an aspiring person who was looking to enter this competitive and demanding real estate industry. Truthfully we didn’t have an answer and decided to take a look around and see what we could find.
So, naturally, the first place to look was on the internet. It was a shock, to be honest, we found so many books, ebooks and articles it was hard to know which one to choose. Try it, Google best book for Real Estate agents in Thailand and you will be amazed.

So what did we find on the internet, is there a best book for real estate agents in Thailand?

Truthfully, we didn’t dig too deep as honestly, it was a minefield of different options available. So many experts are selling their knowledge. Now we all know there is money to be made in the industry. So why decide to stop selling and write a book for a few dollars? Perhaps it is a sideline, a pocket money opportunity?
One book we looked at was called Emerging Real Estate Markets, by an author named David Lindahl. Published on November 2007 it was interesting to read how the perception of the industry was 12 years ago. A comment which drew our attention was “Lindahl shows you how to look into the future and see where the next hot real estate markets will be. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to a real estate crystal ball.” – Jeff Adams, President, FreeRealEstateMentoring. Why did we pick this, well such a glowing reference, however, when you Google their website, sadly that business is no longer anymore. So maybe they didn’t read the book in as much detail as perhaps they should have?
The most popular, or keyword search, accessible book, is called The Millionaire Real Estate. Written by Gary Keller, this book has some very funny, and now outdated concepts. But there is some grounding to be taken from this book. Now unless we uncovered a glitch, you can read it here for free, we love a bit of free right?
But to conclude our internet findings, well there are so many options available, it is hard to know which one works best.

Do I need a book to read about how to become a real estate agent?

Now there is a question! Truthfully, and let us be honest, books are in many ways a thing of the past. Once written, after some time, many are outdated and provide meaningless information. This is where the internet wins over a paperback. In all honesty, here at Property Asia, we could also start compiling a detailed, what and what not to do guide. But in all honesty, how does this offer any security in being successful?
In our opinion, there is no best book for real estate agents in Thailand. There are plenty available, but nothing is guaranteed. However, what is, in our opinion, more important, is having a solid business plan. If you enter the Real estate industry, or any other industry, without prior planning and preparation, well it will potentially be a rocky road ahead!
Plan for success, not a failure!
best book for real estate agents in thailand, is there really one out there?So now we have established that in our opinion, reading a book about real estate is not desperately required, here are a few business plan pointers.

1) Research your area of where you intend to set up.

See what competition you face and see how long these businesses have been established. If there are long-standing agents in your area, well, that means there must be a demand for real estate. However, it also means you are initially going to have to go against established names in the business, which will not be an easy task.
On the opposite side of the coin. If there are no agents to be seen, ask yourself why? Is demand low or non-existent, have others tried and failed? Don’t blinker yourself just because your heart is set on a particular area.

2) What makes you different?

Think of what your angle will be, why should people trust you and not other estate agents? When people are making transactions that are serious financial commitments, people look for security. Nobody should hand over large sums of money without knowing they are in safe hands. If they do well, then they only have themselves t blame if things go wrong. So what makes you different to other estate agents, what can you offer that others can’t?
Give yourself a chance of success by being different. Learn from personal experience as well as listening to others. Research the industry where you intend to set up. There are always forums online that you can refer to for information.
Local community get-togethers, ex-pat meetings. These are invaluable when it comes to gleaming information. See what local peoples thoughts are about real estate agents and see what they feel is or isn’t missing. People love to share their opinions and here is a free opportunity to understand what people like and dislike about your industry.

3) Appearance and presentation.

Incredibly, and especially in Thailand, it is straightforward for almost anyone to set up as a real estate agent. If you browse on social media, there are thousands of agents known as “freelance agents”. Now, we are not saying that these type of agents are wrong. But if you are wanting to send out the right message about your business, having a registered place of work is a head start. Accountability is very powerful. If a person is about to make a considerable financial investment for a property, they will want the assurance you are available if needed.
Business stationery is important. Yes, we are a digital world now, that is understood. But, if you don’t have a business card, what does that say? Also, think about sending out information and quotations, is your communication branded? The little things often matter the most and show you apart from others. Email’s without company information detailed at the footer of the email, again simple but effective.

4) Do you have financial stability for your business venture?

Too many times, businesses start without having the right financial backing. We have heard a million times “if we make a sale once a month we will be fine”. But the reality is that there is a possibility you may not make a sale for months. Market trends determine the probability of sales. If the currency is fluctuating, this may cause concerns. The possibly bad press may affect potential investors from buying. If a project has been under the limelight for all the wrong reasons, people may be cautious about investing.
Be sure to have a solid backing financially. It is very likely that any best book for real estate agents will confirm this. It is essential to be able to sustain your presence while building up your clientele and reputation.

So to summarise: What is the best book for real estate agents?

There is no real definitive answer to this question as there are so many options available. If you find a book that you feel will help you, then read it and take whatever information fro it that will assist you. But whatever you do, plan your business out and be certain to make sure you are prepared for all eventualities.

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