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Property Asia is a professional property portal website designed for professionals.

Buying a property, not just here in Thailand, but across the world, is a very big commitment. With that in mind it is essential that when you do commit to buying a property, a condo, a villa or perhaps a piece of land, you do so using professional services. As the saying goes “If you think it is expensive to use a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!” In other words, you may save some money at the outset, but what happens when or if something goes wrong?

Property Asia embrace this saying and have committed to working alongside professional Agents, Companies and Developers. As part of the application procedure, for anyone to list their properties on Property Asia’s website they must meet the following criteria:

1) To have a fixed office address, one that people can visit if required as a point of contact.
2) Provide the correct original business registration certification to prove they are a legitimate Agent,Company or Development.
Property Asia promotes a “Buy With Confidence” approach to the real estate industry using reputable and established real estate Agents, Companies and
Developers. Using a professional service has several benefits that also need to be taken into account.
a) Can have considerable local knowledge of the area you are considering moving to.
b) Can assist in the negotiation process of obtaining the best possible price for any purchase or rental.
c) Can assist in the completion of all required paperwork and appropriate legal matters
d) Can offer post sale or rental back up and support and assist on the buyers and owners behalf when required.

It is widely accepted, especially in Thailand that many people may operate as a Real Estate Agent, often working from a non office location. Property Asia advise anyone who is looking to purchase or rent a property or a piece of land, to make sure they are confident in who they use to help with any transaction/purchase or rental.
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