5 top tips For Selling Your House in Thailand

5 top tips For Selling Your House in Thailand

These 5 top tips for selling your house in Thailand can help speed up the process. Remember, the property that you want to sell or maybe rent out was once your dream home. Now you need to recreate that dream appearance so that the next person who walks through your door, has that same feeling. There are countless articles on the website, all stating that they have the best 5 top tips for selling your house in Thailand and across the globe. But the reality is these tips are not rocket science. They are just things we may have neglected to do or slipped our mind. So let’s get started and see if these tips for selling your house can help you.


Sounds obvious, right? But you would not believe the number of Real estate agents who visit a property to take photos or show a potential client around, and the house looks disorganised and messy. Clothes on the back of chairs, rubbish waiting to be thrown out, kids toys scattered on the floor. If you want to make the best first impression, remember you only get one chance, then tidy up!
Your dream home can be someone else dream home, so help them first by presenting a clean, tidy and enticing well-presented house.
Gardens are significant and must not be missed off the list of to do’s. They are essential and will always feature in the 5 top tips For Selling Your House in Thailand. The climate in Thailand mainly attracts lazy days in the garden, relaxing, so make sure your garden has that appeal and doesn’t represent an eyesore! If you have a large garden and do not have time to cut the grass, get someone round to do it. A nicely manicured lawn, trimmed shrubs and plants always appear to potential buyers. Remember, you are creating that dream feeling for your potential buyer.


So there you are, showing your prospective buyer around your house and all is going well. Then the buyer decided to turn on a light, to find nothing happens. The bulb has blown or even worse, and the light has stopped working. Yes, you can tell the buyer this will be fixed, but why not fix it first? Remember, you are presenting your property for sale, the last thing a potential buyer will want is a list of jobs to do the moment they move in.
Does your showerhead drip, or do your taps leak? These are all aspects you need to consider rectifying first to give yourselves the best chance of selling your home. Do you have limescale around your plug holes? If you do remove this, as again this shows signs that leaks have appeared in the past.
Stained walls and discoloured paintwork are discouraging to buyers. There is no need to repaint the whole house. However, some unsightly walls and stains may need attention. Be careful in this process as a completely repainted house may give off the wrong signal that you are trying to hide something.
There is no need to go overboard with repairs, as some repairs may not be a good investment. But likewise, think how the buyer will think, and give your property the tender love and care it needs to present itself in the most attractive way possible.
5 top tips For Selling Your House in Thailand


You may have always wanted that stack of boxes in the kitchen, and perhaps they have items of use inside. But if these boxes can be put away, outside in a storeroom or the garage, do so. Why? Well, the more space you show, the more significant the rooms look, and the more appealing the property becomes to potential buyers. 
Everyone who is buying a property needs to believe they are getting the most for their money. Give them that feeling by making each room appear as large and spacious as possible. Cluttering up your rooms with items is not going to help you sell your property. If anything, it will put people off!


If you have the luxury of being able to sell your property when it suits you, then you have a fantastic advantage. Thailand suffers in the Rain Season. It is one of those countries that when it rain, it rains! If you can avoid selling during this time, you may have more success. Buyers do not want to walk around in the rain and likewise, do not want to see your gardens flooding. 
If you can wait until the better weather arrives this may undoubtedly increase your chances of selling. Sit outside in the garden when you have things to discuss, it sounds stupid, but it gives a charming appeal to the buyer. Everyone loves relaxing in a well-kept garden in the sun, so don’t miss that opportunity either.
Price, the dreaded word! In many ways, all the above tips are irrelevant if you price yourself out of the market. You are setting a price too high that may well deter prospective buyers from viewing. Understand that you may be prepared to negotiate, however, the buyer may not. 
Do your homework first. Study the local area and see what similar properties are selling for in the marketplace. This will give you a guideline to follow if nothing else. On the other side of the scale, do not sell too cheaply. 
Of course, people want a bargain, but if you price the property too low people will become suspicious as to why. You are in a far better position to set a fair price and let people negotiate with the price. 
We all love a bargain, and if you are happy to sell at lower than the asking price, then it becomes a win-win situation.


Whoever you choose to represent you is detrimental to the outcome. Choosing the right Real Estate agent is a decision you need to give careful consideration. Do your homework first and see which agent has the best reputation in the area. 
Visit their office and see how they conduct themselves during your meeting. Ask plenty of questions and make sure they know the area well and have a lot of local knowledge. An agent who can deliver timely information to a prospective buyer is undoubtedly valuable. If the agent has a solid history and a good reputation, they generally will have a list of potential buyers and investors. 
The last thing you want is a pushy agent. If the business has been slow for the agent, they may appear over-enthusiastic in their pursuance of a sale. Commission payments can have a considerable effect with an agent who needs a deal, so choose carefully. The last thing you need is an agent who hounds potential buyers, as this will often have a negative effect. Having said that, if your agent is too laid back, you may see a sale slip through your fingers.
Ask friends and family if they know any reputable agents they have had dealings with in the past. Try to find recommendations from others, perhaps consult forums to find an agent. Property Asia has a list of recommended agents you may wish to consider using.
Sitting in the garden with a potential buyer

5 top tips For Selling Your House in Thailand In Summary

Your property once filled you full of joy and happiness. Now you need to replicate that feeling with any potential new buyers. Spend some time on making sure your property looks its best. Price the property in line with the market trends and choose an agent wisely.

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